The filo pastry sheets are an incredibly easy-to-use product. Although the fine pastry sheets are very fine and thin, they are really easy-to-use if you follow a few simple rules. The hardest thing is the rolling out if you make your own filo pastry sheets. That is why we use innovative technologies so as to offer an easy-to-use product meeting your preferences – thin and crispy fine filo pastry, dense and savory rural pastry sheets on a hot plate and healthy wholegrain filo pastry sheets.

First, prepare the filling and then open the package with pastry sheets. If you wait too long and leave the sheets uncovered, they dry out and become brittle. If you want to make a rolled pie later, it will be harder for you to roll up the pastry sheets.


It is also advisable to cover the pastry sheets with a damp cloth or wrap them in foil during preparation of a recipe so that they do not dry out.


The filling that you use for the fine filo pastry sheets should not be too moist because it will reduce the crunchiness of the filo pastry. For the rural pastry sheets on a hot plate and the wholegrain filo pasty sheets it is advisable to put 1/3 more liquid than usual so that the pie does not get too dry.


The baking of filo pastry dishes is relatively short – not more than 20-30 minutes, and the appropriate temperature is between 160 – 220 degrees. The oven must be preheated and do not forget that everything is relative and the term for baking depends on the type of filling.

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